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Liveblogging our lesson!

Today we’re liveblogging our Skills for Learning lesson. To follow along, click on the link below:

7Y Skills for Learning

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Christmas Card Competition Winners

With so many excellent entries, judging for the Christmas card competition with year 7 students was very difficult! Congratulations to the following students:

1st place: Morgan Herne (7MT)

2nd place: Hadika Tariq (7NT)

3rd place: Georgia Holt (7LP)

Not only has Morgan’s card been selected as the Christmas card for the Hyndburn Ribble Valley association of the National Union of Teachers, Mr Trickett liked them so much that he is using Hadika’s card as the official Rhyddings card this year!

Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | December 10, 2012

Skills for Learning Updates

By Jodie Bradshaw

In the Zone this week we have been recycling and doing some research on different materials. I’ve enjoyed doing different activities over this term and hope for more weeks like this.

By Theo Wood

In zone this week we had to do symmetry. It was hard but fun. We had to draw lines of symmetry and we had to draw half of the butterfly.  We had to do loads of other stuff to do with symmetry like lines of symmetry.

By Toheed Mehrban

In the zone I have learnt lines of symmetry. I liked so far the egg drop challenge  and the theme parks, the recycling project and I have also enjoyed the bag to school thing. I will look forward to the new exciting things and I am looking forward to all of the things you have planned for Christmas. I wish you get more exciting and better things such as the egg drop challenge as that was really exciting. I also wish that we get more better things where you make posters.

By Amber Houghton

Last week in zone, we were learning about recycling with Mr Davison. We have been focusing on working together and I worked with different people each time. I really enjoyed this week because I like doing work in groups. I thought this week was better because we were working in groups.

By Hamzah Salim

In the zone I have learnt how to do line of symmetry . I liked the egg drop challenge in the zone and learning how to make it land safely down on to the floor with out having a single crack on the egg. When I come back from the Christmas holiday I want to do more fun stuff like the egg drop challenge. So far the zone has been excellent and very interesting. Hopefully it will be more interesting than before .

By Keeley Stephenson

Last week in zone some of us were in the study centre with Mr Perry and Miss Pointon .We were doing symmetry, we had to draw the rest of a drawing such as a butterfly. I found this really hard because I’m not a strong drawer but my friends encouraged me, after we had finished that me, Paige and Ammarah printed some Christmas photos off and we got to colour them because we had 10 minutes of the lesson left. Hope you enjoy the blog, please comment xx Thank you Miss Bedwell for a great lesson xx

By Ethan Chadwick

This week in the zone we have been learning about recycling. The first thing we did was learn about the benefits of recycling. Then we learned about the processes of recycling. Then we made a campaign about starting a recycling programme in school.

By Josh Haworth

This week in the zone was a little different, our class was split up into two halves, one of which was in the study centre and the other stayed in the normal zone room.

My group was in the zone and we were working on recycling. On our first day of the new changes we got to take home some homework describing what we recycle and why some materials cannot be recycled. The next day we concentrated a lot more on the subject of recycling; we were split up into groups of three were we had to make a poster and a letter based on a certain campaign on recycling. In our group I worked on a letter whilst the other two members worked on the poster.

After we finished working on our mini projects we had to present it to the class, first we read out our letter, then the poster and we did this around the whole class.

I’m looking forward to this new week in zone as we are going to be doing all our subjects based on Christmas so it should be fun. Also in about a week we are going to be joining a new quad blog with new schools and pupils, I wonder what that will be like.

Thanks for reading this blog post.

By Georgia Holt

Today in zone, we did our spelling test that we should of done last week, on Thursday.  Our spelling tests are all about science and they are about what we are doing in science. Are spellings are: menstrual cycle, menstruation, oviduct, ovulation, penis, period, placenta, pregnant, premature and puberty. None of us got detentions and most of us got 10 out of 10.

By Keturah Bradley

This week we have been learning about recycling with Mr Davison. We learned about how the process of how recycling works as well as made a campaign about recycling. We all got put into seating plans so we didn’t mess, also so we got to know other people. We got put into groups of three or four whilst we were making a campaign about recycling. I really enjoyed this activity because it was enjoyable. Also we made a presentation on which materials which we could recycle. I made a powerpoint and Sir really liked it. This was an individual task. I really liked it this week in zone with Mr Davison.

By Luke Hilton

In the zone we did some recycling work. We did some work about theme parks and at the start of last term we did our banners. I’m looking forward to doing Christmas projects. We also did symmetry. I’m looking forward to also changing our schools who we quad blog to.

By Callum Sharples

This week I have had my lessons in the study centre. We did some tasks on symmetry. I got a sheet with a butterfly on it but it was only one half of it. I had to draw the other half by reflecting the other half. There was also another one bit this one was bigger and a bit harder. There were lots of patterns on it and the patterns were complicated to do.

By Chloe Wilkinson

In the zone we have been doing symmetry and are beginning to do Christmas activities! In symmetry we completed work sheets and revised. We also did recycling posters and powerpoints and journeys of recycled products! I enjoyed doing the powerpoints, but then the computer froze! Next we did symmetry games to improve our skills!

By Paige O’Hare

Last week in zone I was in the study centre and i did a powerpoint on recycling. When we come back to zone after the Christmas holidays I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends again and seeing all of the teachers and then hopefully Mrs Prescott will be  back. Last week in zone has been good and quite fun because we were in the study centre but we didn’t have Miss Bedwell as our teacher and she is a really fun teacher but so is Mr Perry and Miss Pointon. But this week we are in zone. Yeyyyyy!!! I am really looking forward to coming back to zone after the Christmas holidays!!!

By Ella Davey

This week in zone with Mr Davison we have been learning more about recycling , we had three  people in a team and together we had to create a campaign and one person in the group would write a letter to persuade the business to recycle and the other two people would create a poster on recycling and all the good reasons you should recycle. After we had finished together we had to present the work to the class. I did the poster with my friend and on the back we did a small rap about recycling.

By Lucy Kershaw

Last week in the Zone with Mr Davison we were learning about the benefits of recycling. We found out that if you recycle you will help stop pollution and you will use less coal with the incinerators. That will save energy.

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Christmas Card Competition

Year 7 students in Skills for Learning were asked to design a Christmas card by the Hyndburn Ribble Valley Association of the National Union of Teachers. This card will be used as the ecard for all NUT members in the local region. We’ve picked out the top 11 and sent them off – we’re now waiting to find out who has won! The best entry will win a £30 gift voucher for WH Smith, followed by vouchers for £20 for second place and £10 for third place. All students who have entered will also be awarded Vivos for their efforts.
Well done to all students who have submitted an entry – and good luck to the finalists!

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Learners of the Week

We like to celebrate the successes that our students achieve each week by selecting one student from each Skills for Learning class to be our Learner of the Week. There are three levels to this award – bronze, silver and gold. On top of it being announced in assembly each Friday, students are given a star-shaped badge in the appropriate colour, some stationery, 30 Vivos, their name goes up on the rewards board in the main school building and on the school website, and a letter goes home to their parents to let them know of their child’s success. This year we are also showing off our students on our ‘Celebrity Spotlight’ board, so that they are actually celebrated in Skills for Learning itself.

I get to spend Friday afternoons updating the board with the names of our new winners – a great way to end our week! This week I had lots of names to add, as we hadn’t been able to use our assembly time to celebrate them. Well done to our new Bronze Learners of the Week!

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Everybody Writes Photos

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Everybody Writes

During our first week back after half term, students were working on the ‘Everybody Writes’ Halloween themed tasks. We decorated the classroom and the staff turned up in costume – we didn’t mean to scare the students though! There were four tasks – ghost stories, scary stories, A Pirate’s Life For Me and My TV Terror. Students worked on one activity per lesson and produced some fantastic work. They’ve written their own summaries, some of which I’ve posted below.

This week in zone was amazing. We loved all the different activities and decorations and also the teachers dressing up too. It was a really good chance to write stories from diffrent categories. We didnt get to do them all but we still enjoyed it!
From Jodie and Ameera.

This week in zone it has been Halloween week. We got into groups by our birthday like December to February, March to May, June to August and September to November. Each group was assigned a task – there was four. One was scary stories, ghost stories, T.V terror and a pirates life for me! Jasmine did my pirates life for me first, she had to draw herself as a pirate and then draw her outfit. She also drew her ship and 3 members of her ship as she was the captain of the skull and cross bone ship. She also had to describe her background. She said that her parents met on the same boat and that they come from Belfast. Georgia did ghost stories. First Georgia had to plan her ghost story and then she cracked on with writing her amazing story. It was about ghost that walked up from a graveyard to take over the world. Each group did three of the four tasks throughout the week.

To finish off the week we had a family afternoon on Thursday, this was where our parents came in to the zone and technology to see what it is like and what we are learning about. Some of our friends helped the teachers by welcoming them in and offering them a drink and a cake. Each child’s parents that came in met their child’s form tutor, Miss Bedwell dressed as a pirate and Miss Prescott dressed as a witch. It was a great success and we hope to do it again.

Georgia Holt and Jasmine Khan xx

This week in the zone was mostly themed on Halloween. We were divided into 4 groups. When we were all divided  Miss Bedwell set some activities, here are them listed:

1. Ghost stories
2. Scary stories
3. T.V terror
4. Pirates
To decide who was on each activity we were put on a certain table based on when our birthdays were.
In ghost stories we  were given a planning sheet and then were left to plan a ghost story and write it down.
In scary stories we were given a plot for a story and after reading the story we had to continue it with at least 7 paragraphs. In the table called T.V terrors we were given a huge booklet of activities!
In pirates we had to design a pirate and make a description of him, then we had to design the boat etc, personally this was our favourite!
Thanks for reading this blog post by Brandon and Josh.

This week in the zone we did scary story’s, tv terror, pirates journal and ghost stories. We  rotated round after so long then we had to move to the next activities. We had a theme of Halloween decorated in our classroom. On Thursday we had a family afternoon all the children’s parents came in to see the children’s work. They all enjoyed it.

Anas and Subhan.

We wrote scary stories with the Halloween theme this week. We also answered questions in a tv terror booklets, A pirate’s life for me!, and on Thursday we had a family afternoon.

Luke and Wade.
[Wade’s story is on the blog – it’s called ‘Murder on Haworth Avenue’ –  Miss B.]

This week in zone we did some Halloween themed work, it was really fun. We could write scary stories, ghost stories, a pirate diary and we could also work through a tv terror booklet. We did lots of fun things as it had just been Halloween, the teachers dressed up, Miss Bedwell was a zombie pirate and Mrs Prescott dressed as a witch.

Some of our mums and dads came in to talk to our form teacher and they also got a cupcake and a drink. We really enjoyed it.
The cupcakes that the parents had looked really  yummy 🙂
This week has been the best week we have ever had in zone!
We think that all off the parents who attended had a really great time and enjoyed themselves!
Paige and Josh S.

In the zone this week we had a range of activities all to do with Halloween! There were 4 different groups that would rotate around during the week the 4 activities were to write a scary story, a ghost story, TV terror and pirates journal!

Scary story, we had to write a scary story starting of with ”the school secretary came into your classroom you had to go home, a pre paid taxi was waiting for you outside…..”
Ghost story, we had to write a ghost story, including good detail and paragraphs!!
TV terror, we had to answer some questions about watching TV and then write a story about something unusual happening whilst watching TV.
Pirate journal, we had to write a diary about being a pirate and had to draw the ship the ship’s crew and the pirate himself!!
Chloe Wilkinson

It has been a good time in the zone this this week. We did the activities such as Scary stories, a pirate’s life for me and my tv terror. We enjoyed writing the scary stories because we have done this before and it was good to do it again because we enjoyed the first time. We enjoyed the tv terror activity that we did because we could write our own opinions. Travis enjoyed doing the pirate diary because he could write in a pirate style of writing.  Callum didn’t do the pirate one because he was helping out for the family afternoon.

Callum and Travis

This week in our lesson zone we have had a Halloween themed week as our teacher (Miss Bedwell) loves Halloween and dressing up very much, our teacher dressed up as a dead zombie pirate and our helper dressed up as a witch, Miss Bedwell set  us all several activities to do and we kept moving around so we had a chance to do all of the different activities. One was called tv terror one was called ghost stories one was called a pirates life for me and the other scary stories !  On the last day of our Halloween themed zone week we let children’s parents from the zone come in and visit to see what we did in the zone, our head of year seven (Mr Fielding) gave the parents free cake and tea or coffee, he also gave the students an opportunity to show parents around the zone and technology block, and also an opportunity for students to show they were responsible and acceptable. We hope the parents enjoyed coming in and seeing what it was like in the zone and what a pleasant place it is. Many thanks to those who showed up ! x 

Keeley and Ella

This week we have been doing Halloween activities which were scary stories and tv terror and some more. Also Miss Bedwell dressed up as a pirate and Mrs Prescott dressed up as a witch. I thought that this week in zone was the best week we have done because it was interesting and very fun. Our parents came in to see what we do in zone and they had some hot chocolate and a cake (they looked so yummy).


This week in zone we have been doing very fun Halloween activities which were scary stories, tv terror, pirate diaries and also ghost stories. I really enjoyed this week because it was the best week in zone so far but there might be better (I doubt it though). As well as Halloween week, our parents came in and had some tea or coffee and some cake or biscuits. Also they got to meet our form tutors and they got to see what we do in zone and also what we do in technology. I think they had a very good time and we did to.

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Bloody Mary

By Keeley Stephenson

Annabel shivered as she sat in the moldy taxi. The driver mumbled “dead” she screamed “aghhhhhh” A scarf wrapped itself around her mouth and she could barely breathe. Blood started to drip from the car roof. She climbed out of the window and ran as fast as she could but he was followed her all the way home.

She got home and found nothing but a note saying “I can c u” she cried and stayed in her room till midnight. She went to the bathroom mirror and said bloody Mary 3 times. The lights went out and the door locked and someone appeared behind her. It was bloody Mary, all of  a sudden she disappeared with bloody mary!

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Scary Story

By Chloe Wilkinson

I walked out into the cold world I crawled into the yellow taxi we drove to my house the taxi crackled to a grinding holt the taxi driver turned around his face was white and fangs hang over his bottom lip I ran into the wood nearby!

The path slowly disappeared as I descended deeper into the wood the icy cold wind tiered away the last of autumns golden leaves as night falls the forest comes to live inky black eyes glisten I scrabble through the vicious thorns the path clears!! A glistening light enchases me with a promise of warmth in the clearing smoke steams out of the chimney of an old ramshackle cabin! I knock on the wooden moldy door I waited nothing happened I sat on a large rock!! I sat perplexed at what just happened I went to my own house I ran through a soggy field a black shadow with a long cloak trailed behind me, I finally reached my door I tried to open it a black crow sat on my shoulder my hands were shaking I couldn’t  open my door!! It swung open I shouted for my mum she sat hidden curled up in a corner of the kitchen she was pale as the clouds in the sky her lips where as red as the blood in your body….

She was a vampire!

I didn’t know what to do I ran to my aunties house just up the road she wasn’t in where could she be!! I was the only one left who was normal!!

I hid in an abanded rabbit hutch barely fitting in I closed the wire gate, soon after a crowd of people flooded into the garden their arms out stretched blood dripping from the fangs as sharp as razors!! My mum was stood in front of me possessed waiting to kill, ready to sink her cold red fangs into my plump skin!! I ripped a piece of wood of the rabbit hutch and held it up to my own mum treating to kill! She cowered away so did the rest,  she buried her head into the prickly blades of grass it began to rain the icy drops of water penetrated my mum’s wickedness, the turned to grey ash I didn’t have a mum  a dad not even an auntie!

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Murder on Haworth Avenue…

By Wade Dobson.

I was in a literacy lesson when suddenly the head’s secretary opened the door and told me I had to go home immediately. I thought to myself, ‘Why is this happening?’ I was on my way to walk home, but a pre-paid taxi pulled up on the road beside me. I got into the taxi and it took me home.

As I got out of the taxi, my friend Max was standing at the door waiting. I went over to open the door, when Max said, “I’ll go in with you, for if you need me.” I knew then that something bad was happening. I was sure I was going to lose my friend, and maybe my life. I’D DIE!

As I turned the doorknob, my hand repelled back. I tried again. The same thing happened, but when Max tried to open the door it opened – nothing happened. We went inside and we heard the piano playing, but the house was empty. I walked further across the room and saw… A pool of BLOOD! “Mum!” I shouted. There was no answer. “MUM! MUM!” I looked around the corner and there was a blood trail leading to the kitchen. The piano had stopped.

I had a freezing chill down my spine as I stepped forward. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” It was my mum and dad! I heard a voice I didn’t recognise. “Max? Max, where are you?” I knew it! Max was behind this all along! Suddenly I heard him scream. I turned around… He was dead!

“This is IT. THIS IS IT! Come out and kill me!” I screamed. “KILL ME!” Nothing happened…

That night there was a story on the news about a family who died. The family had been butchered in their own house and the killer was on the loose!

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