Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | June 4, 2013

Healthy Sandwich Challenge

Just before half term students undertook the Healthy Sandwich Challenge. This involved students working in teams of six, doing jobs including marketing, packaging and manufacturing. Some of the students have written about their challenge:

Paige O’Hare –

My group was called Healthy Heroes. We chose to make our sandwich using brown bread (cut with a smiley face), lettuce, cheese, cucumber and tomato. Ameera and Chloe A made the packaging, which was a box with a lid that flipped open. Amber and I made the sandwich, whilst Keturah and Subhaan did the advertising. We chose to advertise our sandwich by writing and performing a play and making a poster.

Adam Harris and Keeley Stephenson –

For this task our group was called Healthy Heaven. We called our sandwich ‘tomeese’ because it had tomato and cheese on it. We also added lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise and we used white bread. Adam and Kian made the packaging, which was a box with a flip lid. Ethan and Lewis did the marketing, which were a series of posters. They also made up a play to be used as a television advert. Keeley and Callum L made the actual sandwich.

7y sandwiches


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