Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | May 17, 2013

80th Anniversary Wall Hanging

As well as the Olympics held last week, students have been working together to create a textile wall hanging to display as part of our 80th anniversary celebrations. Each student was asked to make one square for the wall hanging, which will then be stitched together by Mrs Jolly to make the whole piece. Students were asked to design their square using the themes of birthdays, Rhyddings and our local area, and were also asked to use a variety of techniques to make their square, such as applique, stitching and using fabric pastels. We have a lot of different ideas, some of which are shown below.



  1. Hi Im Teah and Im from New Zealand Those art works were really Awesome and Cool Because there were all sorts of colours. from Teah

  2. Hey guys

    Are you going to add anything else on to your textile because I really like it and I want more of it.

  3. That looks really and fun and creative
    I liked the colours
    From giorgi tawa int

  4. Hey
    My name is Quintin and i am from Tawa intermediate in Wellington 🙂
    what i liked about the art is the bright colours and what materials use used they are very creative
    what i think you could do to do better is to but a bit more dark colours 🙂 thanks bye

  5. Hi Teah and Michael,

    I’m glad you like the designs our students have done. I’ll take a photo when it’s all stitched together so you can see the whole wall hanging.

    Have a great day!

    Miss Bedwell.

  6. Hi Josh here at Tawa intermediate school I would like to say I like your art.

    With the bright colers and well done next time is make the paper larger.

  7. Hi i am Zane from tawa intermediate school in New Zealand i thing your wall hangings are relly cool and colourrfull
    by zane

  8. Hi guy’s
    the square’s look great I would like to see more of them.

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