Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | December 10, 2012

Skills for Learning Updates

By Jodie Bradshaw

In the Zone this week we have been recycling and doing some research on different materials. I’ve enjoyed doing different activities over this term and hope for more weeks like this.

By Theo Wood

In zone this week we had to do symmetry. It was hard but fun. We had to draw lines of symmetry and we had to draw half of the butterfly.  We had to do loads of other stuff to do with symmetry like lines of symmetry.

By Toheed Mehrban

In the zone I have learnt lines of symmetry. I liked so far the egg drop challenge  and the theme parks, the recycling project and I have also enjoyed the bag to school thing. I will look forward to the new exciting things and I am looking forward to all of the things you have planned for Christmas. I wish you get more exciting and better things such as the egg drop challenge as that was really exciting. I also wish that we get more better things where you make posters.

By Amber Houghton

Last week in zone, we were learning about recycling with Mr Davison. We have been focusing on working together and I worked with different people each time. I really enjoyed this week because I like doing work in groups. I thought this week was better because we were working in groups.

By Hamzah Salim

In the zone I have learnt how to do line of symmetry . I liked the egg drop challenge in the zone and learning how to make it land safely down on to the floor with out having a single crack on the egg. When I come back from the Christmas holiday I want to do more fun stuff like the egg drop challenge. So far the zone has been excellent and very interesting. Hopefully it will be more interesting than before .

By Keeley Stephenson

Last week in zone some of us were in the study centre with Mr Perry and Miss Pointon .We were doing symmetry, we had to draw the rest of a drawing such as a butterfly. I found this really hard because I’m not a strong drawer but my friends encouraged me, after we had finished that me, Paige and Ammarah printed some Christmas photos off and we got to colour them because we had 10 minutes of the lesson left. Hope you enjoy the blog, please comment xx Thank you Miss Bedwell for a great lesson xx

By Ethan Chadwick

This week in the zone we have been learning about recycling. The first thing we did was learn about the benefits of recycling. Then we learned about the processes of recycling. Then we made a campaign about starting a recycling programme in school.

By Josh Haworth

This week in the zone was a little different, our class was split up into two halves, one of which was in the study centre and the other stayed in the normal zone room.

My group was in the zone and we were working on recycling. On our first day of the new changes we got to take home some homework describing what we recycle and why some materials cannot be recycled. The next day we concentrated a lot more on the subject of recycling; we were split up into groups of three were we had to make a poster and a letter based on a certain campaign on recycling. In our group I worked on a letter whilst the other two members worked on the poster.

After we finished working on our mini projects we had to present it to the class, first we read out our letter, then the poster and we did this around the whole class.

I’m looking forward to this new week in zone as we are going to be doing all our subjects based on Christmas so it should be fun. Also in about a week we are going to be joining a new quad blog with new schools and pupils, I wonder what that will be like.

Thanks for reading this blog post.

By Georgia Holt

Today in zone, we did our spelling test that we should of done last week, on Thursday.  Our spelling tests are all about science and they are about what we are doing in science. Are spellings are: menstrual cycle, menstruation, oviduct, ovulation, penis, period, placenta, pregnant, premature and puberty. None of us got detentions and most of us got 10 out of 10.

By Keturah Bradley

This week we have been learning about recycling with Mr Davison. We learned about how the process of how recycling works as well as made a campaign about recycling. We all got put into seating plans so we didn’t mess, also so we got to know other people. We got put into groups of three or four whilst we were making a campaign about recycling. I really enjoyed this activity because it was enjoyable. Also we made a presentation on which materials which we could recycle. I made a powerpoint and Sir really liked it. This was an individual task. I really liked it this week in zone with Mr Davison.

By Luke Hilton

In the zone we did some recycling work. We did some work about theme parks and at the start of last term we did our banners. I’m looking forward to doing Christmas projects. We also did symmetry. I’m looking forward to also changing our schools who we quad blog to.

By Callum Sharples

This week I have had my lessons in the study centre. We did some tasks on symmetry. I got a sheet with a butterfly on it but it was only one half of it. I had to draw the other half by reflecting the other half. There was also another one bit this one was bigger and a bit harder. There were lots of patterns on it and the patterns were complicated to do.

By Chloe Wilkinson

In the zone we have been doing symmetry and are beginning to do Christmas activities! In symmetry we completed work sheets and revised. We also did recycling posters and powerpoints and journeys of recycled products! I enjoyed doing the powerpoints, but then the computer froze! Next we did symmetry games to improve our skills!

By Paige O’Hare

Last week in zone I was in the study centre and i did a powerpoint on recycling. When we come back to zone after the Christmas holidays I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends again and seeing all of the teachers and then hopefully Mrs Prescott will be  back. Last week in zone has been good and quite fun because we were in the study centre but we didn’t have Miss Bedwell as our teacher and she is a really fun teacher but so is Mr Perry and Miss Pointon. But this week we are in zone. Yeyyyyy!!! I am really looking forward to coming back to zone after the Christmas holidays!!!

By Ella Davey

This week in zone with Mr Davison we have been learning more about recycling , we had three  people in a team and together we had to create a campaign and one person in the group would write a letter to persuade the business to recycle and the other two people would create a poster on recycling and all the good reasons you should recycle. After we had finished together we had to present the work to the class. I did the poster with my friend and on the back we did a small rap about recycling.

By Lucy Kershaw

Last week in the Zone with Mr Davison we were learning about the benefits of recycling. We found out that if you recycle you will help stop pollution and you will use less coal with the incinerators. That will save energy.



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