Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | December 3, 2012

Christmas Card Competition

Year 7 students in Skills for Learning were asked to design a Christmas card by the Hyndburn Ribble Valley Association of the National Union of Teachers. This card will be used as the ecard for all NUT members in the local region. We’ve picked out the top 11 and sent them off – we’re now waiting to find out who has won! The best entry will win a £30 gift voucher for WH Smith, followed by vouchers for £20 for second place and £10 for third place. All students who have entered will also be awarded Vivos for their efforts.
Well done to all students who have submitted an entry – and good luck to the finalists!



  1. there were really nice and colourful

    • they were lovely and colourful

  2. i did not get chance to complete mine because I was so busy because I was helping my parents put the two christmas trees up.

  3. i think they are all really good and colourful,one of them pictures above is mine.

  4. santa is defo coming to town with these lovely cards!!

  5. I found it fun creating my card!

  6. Great christmas cards!!

  7. Great work everyone! They were very bold and colourful.

  8. Hello my name is Noah and I am from The Phoenix School in Salem, MA. I think that a Christmas card competition is a wonderful idea. I wish I could do this, but I do not live in Australia. I wish for the most luck for all of you!
    Your commenter,

    • Hi Noah,

      My lovely students are not from Australia – just me! My students are from Lancashire in North West England. If you could design a card for the competition that we held, what do you think you’d put on it?

      Miss Bedwell.

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