Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | November 13, 2012

Scary Story

By Chloe Wilkinson

I walked out into the cold world I crawled into the yellow taxi we drove to my house the taxi crackled to a grinding holt the taxi driver turned around his face was white and fangs hang over his bottom lip I ran into the wood nearby!

The path slowly disappeared as I descended deeper into the wood the icy cold wind tiered away the last of autumns golden leaves as night falls the forest comes to live inky black eyes glisten I scrabble through the vicious thorns the path clears!! A glistening light enchases me with a promise of warmth in the clearing smoke steams out of the chimney of an old ramshackle cabin! I knock on the wooden moldy door I waited nothing happened I sat on a large rock!! I sat perplexed at what just happened I went to my own house I ran through a soggy field a black shadow with a long cloak trailed behind me, I finally reached my door I tried to open it a black crow sat on my shoulder my hands were shaking I couldn’t  open my door!! It swung open I shouted for my mum she sat hidden curled up in a corner of the kitchen she was pale as the clouds in the sky her lips where as red as the blood in your body….

She was a vampire!

I didn’t know what to do I ran to my aunties house just up the road she wasn’t in where could she be!! I was the only one left who was normal!!

I hid in an abanded rabbit hutch barely fitting in I closed the wire gate, soon after a crowd of people flooded into the garden their arms out stretched blood dripping from the fangs as sharp as razors!! My mum was stood in front of me possessed waiting to kill, ready to sink her cold red fangs into my plump skin!! I ripped a piece of wood of the rabbit hutch and held it up to my own mum treating to kill! She cowered away so did the rest,  she buried her head into the prickly blades of grass it began to rain the icy drops of water penetrated my mum’s wickedness, the turned to grey ash I didn’t have a mum  a dad not even an auntie!



  1. well done for your work

    • hi its chloe wilkinson from rhyddings,
      thank you for your comment:-)

  2. My name is Hamzah your story was good

    • hi thank you for your comment, Hamzah

  3. that was a amazinggggg story carry on

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