Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | October 10, 2012

Catching Up

By Ammarah Taylor

We have been working on theme park projects again. I had lots of fun, because we are making models and rollercoaster cars.  We had to present our work to the teachers.

Soon we are going to create a habitat of meerkats and build a zoo enclosure about them.  We need to learn about the animals first so that we can build a good enclosure for them.

We are going to do an egg drop challenge  and throw the eggs out of the window and see if we can make sure they don’t break by building a pod out of different materials.

We have been choosing our house captains of our groups and been writing paragraphs if we wanted to be house captain of the team. We find out on Friday who won the elections.




  2. That sounds cool Ammarah! Did your egg survive?

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