Posted by: Sarah Bedwell | September 25, 2012

Autobiography Work

By Keeley Stephenson

Yesterday we spent some time finishing off work that we had started earlier in the year. We finished our About Me booklets. Mine has my name on the front of it, with a picture of a little house saying ‘Welcome To My Book’. Inside I have included information about my family, my pets, my hobbies and things that I am afraid of.
We also finished our gingerbread people collages. On mine I put a pink piggy, a picture of me when I was younger, blue carpet and a pink rose. These are all things that I like.
Finally we finished our handprints, which included lots of other information about us. I put my friends around the sides, what I want to be when I get older (which is an English teacher) and I put my mum on it, because she’s the person I can tell my secrets too. We put our gingerbread people and handprints onto our house banner (I’m in blue house). Our About Me booklets are up on the walls for people to look at when they visit.

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